Naruto: 10 Abilities That Make Kaguya Otsutsuki an Absolute God


Kaguya Otsutsuki is a god in the Naruto universe, as he is the progenitor of all chakra made on Earth. Here are a few of her abilities.

Kaguya Otsutsuki is a character in Masashi Kishimoto’s acclaimed Naruto series who can be regarded as the key catalyst for the many occurrences and conflicts that occur in both the manga comics. Kaguya, a cruel princess from the Otsutsukis celestial clan, is obsessed with power and driven by a desire to dominate and control.

She is the actual reason why Shinobis and their numerous Jutsus exist since she is the progenitor of all chakra formed on Earth. Kaguya is actually as strong as a God, a figure capable of destroying a whole planet, due to her heritage belonging from a heavenly clan and the link she has with the God Tree.

1. Divine Powers

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

Kaguya, being a celestial entity, has always possessed abilities that are beyond description. Interstellar travel, hypnosis, mind-reading skills, memory-wipe, and the construction of force fields and shock waves were among them.

Consumption of the God Tree’s fruit, on the other hand, massively increased these skills, allowing Kaguya to single-handedly quiet a pre-shinobi world steeped in violence. People began to worship her as a goddess because she was so powerful and destructive. Furthermore, Kaguya’s command of the natural world, particularly the multiple realms she has created, qualifies her as a God.

2. Byakugan, Rinnegan And Sharingan

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

The Senju clan, Kaguya clan, Uzumaki clan, Hyuga clan, and Uchiha clan are all descended from Kaguya. As a result, it’s no surprise that she owns all of these clans’ Kekkei Genkai, particularly The Three Great Dojutsus of the Eyes.

Kaguya thus has access to the Byakugan, a Dojutsu that grants the wielder unrivaled vision, chakra detection, and aim; the Sharingan, a Dojutsu that grants the wielder godlike powers of summoning creatures, controlling gravity, ripping souls, reading minds, and eventually activating the Mangekyo Sharingan; and the Rinnegan, a Dojutsu that grants the wielder godlike powers of summoning creatures.

3. Rinne Sharingan

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

The Rinne-Sharingan, a Dojutsu that literally spells out to Samsara, the duplicate wheel eye, is positioned on Kaguya’s forehead and is identified by nine tomoe and several concentric rings. Kaguya can cast the Infinite Tsukuyomi, a dream-like condition where everyone is joyful, but not in reality, thanks to the Rinne-Sharingan.

She may also manipulate the God Tree’s roots with the Rinne-Sharingan, and utilize the same tree to sap the chakra, personality, and individuality of all people who are under the power of the Infinite Tsukuyomi, turning them into mindless White Zetsus who are devoted to Kaguya. Her Rinne-Sharingan also provides her the capacity to move between dimensions, wipe out an enemy’s chakra, and to create gateways and rifts.

4. Tailed-Beast Transformation

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

When Kaguya Otsutsuki realised that her sons Hagoromo and Hamura had inherited chakra from her, she combined with the God Tree to create the tremendously strong Ten-Tails and reclaim all chakra for herself; a task she failed to accomplish.

When Naruto attacked Kaguya with the Sage Art Super Tailed Beast Rasenshuriken during their last battle, which was one of the finest episodes of Naruto Shippuden, she unintentionally shape-shifted into a Ten Tails version that looked like a giant rabbit. This occurred as a result of Kaguya’s chakra interacting with Naruto’s Rasenshuriken. Although unintended, this transformation demonstrates that Kaguya can do a terrifying Tailed Creature Transformation at will if necessary.

5. Connection With The God Tree

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

Kaguya has a special connection with the Earth’s God Tree, having eaten its fruit and become the creator of chakra as a result. Furthermore, as the holder of the Rinne-Sharingan, she has authority over the God Tree’s roots, which she may use to tie individuals impacted by the Infinite Tsukuyomi to the tree and absorb their life energy.

These victims eventually turn into mindless White Zetsus that are loyal to Kaguya but lack personality and uniqueness. Kaguya is rejuvenated by the chakra pulled from these victims. She makes use of this ability by casting the Divine Genesis Planet of Trees magic, which allows the God Tree’s roots to emerge from anyplace on the earth across the world.

6. Eighty Gods Vaccum Attack

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

While there are many terrible Naruto Shippuden episodes, those with Kaguya are pretty clearly an exception, owing to the remarkable skills she demonstrates. Her Eighty God Vacuum Attack, for example, is the result of her incredible chakra control. This ability lets Kaguya to use chakra both defensively and offensively. Kaguya can materialize a massive amount of chakra and then use it to make enormous chakra fists with just this technique.

The technique is so forceful that it generates rippling seismic waves and might even easily demolish a full-body Susanoo. It’s also capable of shattering an entire Six Paths Chakra Body, leading fans to ponder if Naruto’s fight with Kaguya was a thrashing he shouldn’t have survived.

7. All-Killing Ash Bones

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

The All-Killing Ash Bones are an exceedingly destructive power that Kaguya Otsutsuki wields. This ability allows her to harden her bones and protrude them through her hands and back, which she may then fling as missiles at the chosen target. Kaguya can utilize this method with devastating precision because of the accuracy of the Byakugan.

Furthermore, anyone attacked from one of the projectiles seems to have little chance of surviving, for after being penetrated by a bone, both the victim and the bone begin to decompose on a molecular level, leaving nothing but an ash-pile behind. This attack resulted in Obito Uchiha’s death, resulting in one of the anime’s most sorrowful scenes.

8. Ball of Extensive Truth-Seeking

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

Although there are many antagonists in Naruto who demanded a harsher conclusion, Kaguya finally got what she deserved. Maybe it’s because of the numerous twisted hypotheses she had going through her brain, one of which even had something to do with a lethal power she possessed. Kaguya, also known as the Expansive Truth-Seeking Ball, was able to control a massive ball of black chakra generated from the chakra accumulated from all Shinju members.

This massive ball of chaos, made up of Ying-Yang Unleashed with each of the five natural transformations, was created by Kaguya to shatter the planet into nothingness, only to be rebuilt at her will. Unlike the usual Truth-Seeking Balls, Kaguya’s Kekkei Mora could’ve been rebuilt from nothing and yet held unrivaled strength.

9. Yomotsu Hirasaka

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

Yomotsu Hirasaka is a reference to the gliding paths that spirits traverse after death in order to reach the Afterlife in Shinto mythology. Kaguya has access to this route, which she uses to open gateways and rifts to different realities, particularly ones she has constructed. This skill enables her to link the physical world to these dimensions, giving her complete control over space.

She can make these rifts and portals whatever size she wants, and they can stay open for as prolonged as she wants. She even utilised the same technique to transport Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Obito, and Kakashi, a character about whom fans have many doubts, to other realities and unleash simultaneous strikes on them.

10. Amenominaka

naruto kaguya otsutsuki abilities

Amenominaka is an ability that allows Kaguya Otsutsuki to create new worlds on the fly and transfer herself, as well as anything or anyone else, to that realm. It is named after Amenominakanushi, the first-born God in Shinto mythology.

Kaguya possesses ultimate godlike power in these constructed realms, having complete control over the different components. Furthermore, once stuck in one of these realms, escaping and returning to the normal world is extremely difficult. Although the anime only depicts six dimensions, Kaguya has the ability to create more if she so wishes.


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