Best Mixer Grinder in India 2021 Review and Buyer’s Guide


Your best regards, you are reading this article. Would you like to buy a good mixer grinder? In this article detailed about the mixer. In this article you will read general information about equipment, mixers of different brands and their reviews, necessary suggestions for purchasing. Along with this, the article is also included in the article for tips to use well and answers to your valuable questions as usual. Friends you are reading article, Best mixer grinder in India 2021 review and buyer’s guide

Different types of mixer grinders

Here we will talk about the electric mixer. They can be divided into two parts. Wet and dry grinding mixers. The mixer grinder is usually called a single device. When any two liquids are mixed well, it is called a mixer.

On the other hand they are called grinders after fine grinding of solids. Different blends and jars are used for both these tasks. You will read about them in this article.

Mixer grinder technology

The technique of this device is very simple. It involves rotating at a fast speed inside a stator. The sutte attached to it starts rotating at the same speed. The blend in the jar fitted over the tool also rotates at a fast speed and rotates the object inside. Due to which the object is divided into very fine pieces.

Due to the rapid movement of the blend for a few minutes, very fine pieces of the object are formed. The same action is also used for the mixer. Spinning at a high speed, a special kind of blend mixes the two liquids well.

Internal parts

The device is fitted with a stator inside a plastic body. It is a copper coil, inside which an armature rotates. This is called a rotor. These two are related to the power button. From which it is operated. With the help of double or single balancing, it is related to the outside blends.

Theoretically these two parts play the main role in the design of the instrument. In addition, the modern mixer grinder may also have many other internal parts. You are reading an article Best mixer grinder in india.

External parts and attachments

The jar is made of plastic or metal. Two or more jars of multiple capacities are given in each mixer grinder. Jars made of metal are usually of lesser capacity. They are used to grind solids. Large jars are made of plastic. They are used for mixing.

The blade is made of metal straps. They are given a special type of shape for different tasks. Buttons and switches are used for various types of switches on and off, rotating the mixer for different times, etc.

Body of mixer grinder is made of plastic. It has a strong and good finish exterior. Holes are given at its bottom to let the heat out. In some instruments, the English balance of L is given. It is designed to keep the equipment in a balanced manner.

Different Factions of Equipment

In the mixer grinder, some functions are given to grind solids and mix liquids. They are operated by buttons or nabs. 4 or 5 buttons with one on-off switch are sufficient to operate it. If only the roti switch is installed in the mixi, then it also does the work of on-off.

To avoid overload, another switch is given at the bottom. Often the above functions are given with a slight reshuffle in all the brands. You are reading an article Best mixer grinder in india.

Texture and shape type

It has a very normal texture. It can also be L-shaped in English. Finishing of the equipment is very well maintained. Plastic jars are transparent, in which the material to be mixed can be seen. Its weight is between 2 to 3 kg. It depends on the power and capacity of the equipment.

The mixi is portable, you can take it anywhere. It is a must that it should not be shaken at the time of use

Wattage and rpm

The mixer grinder available in Indian markets is available in multiple power. It comes in a capacity of 150 to 1000 watts. The performance of low capacity equipment is not good. Working longer than that cannot be done. On the other hand, a 750-capacity mixer performs all the tasks efficiently. The jars that come with the grinder are also available in 500 to 1.5 liter capacity.

They are used as per the requirement. Good companies also provide separate blend attachments with the mixer. This makes the mixer grinder easier to operate. It is a machine with high RPM. The faster the blend rotates, the better the mixer will do.

Power consumption

It is of course that the mixers are of high watt, but they do not consume much power. Because the domestic mixer grinder works for a few minutes. Hence it does not consume much electricity.

Therefore, high watt mixers are preferred. Do you want to buy an instant water heater for your home? Read article Best instant geysers in india.

Repairing and Maintenance

When used properly with cleanliness, they often reduce the flaws. If there is a defect in the warranty period, then you have the option to go there. Apart from this, their mechanics are easily found in every place.

If you keep it clean after use, then you will not have any maintenance related problems. You are reading article on Best mixer grinder in india.

Different Brands and Reviews of mixer Grinder in India

1. Sujata Dynamix DX Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

This mixi of company Sujata is 900 watts. The company is offering 3 jars with it. This jar is sufficient for all your kitchen work. Its dome jar is 1.5 liters for wet grinding. The 3-speed rotary action has been given in the Mixi. It operates at 22000 rpm.

The company has made steel jars available for chutney and dry milling. It is strong and with high quality blend. Machine enclosure remains stable upon use, with no calibration. This is its plus point. The company is giving a two-year warranty on the machine. This is best brand mixer grinder.

High quality materialNew brand
3 big jarLimited service center
22000 RPM

2. Wonderchef Nutri-Blend Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

This mixer of Wonderchief Company is 400 watts. This power is for general use only. The company is giving 3 jars, the big jar is for wet grinding. You can use two other jars for chutney and dry milling. The design of the machine is very beautiful. Its large jar is 750 ml.

It is very strong and of high quality. The components of the machine are durable and the base is strong. This gives stability to the machine during working. The company is giving 2 years warranty on the machine and 6 months on the accessories. You are reading an article Best mixer grinder in india.

High qualityonly 400 watts
strong baseRPM not given
compact design

3. Bajaj GX8 Mixer Grinder

Bajaj is a well-known name in the Indian market. Its mixer is 750 watts. The rpm of the machine is 18000. It would be called very good in this category. This power is sufficient for all your domestic work. The company is offering 3 stainless steel jars with Mixi.

It has a power indicator and multi-speed control. Protection function is useful when the motor is overloaded. This prevents the motor from malfunctioning. Handling of mixi is quite easy. The company is giving 1 year warranty on the machine. Bajaj Food processor is also famous in India.

Famous Indian brandOnly 1 year warranty
Broad service network
mixing jar is small
750 watt motor

4. La Vite Cherie Mixer Grinder 3 Jars

This La White mixer is 380 watts. Its design is very attractive, the company is giving many useful attachments. There are 3 jars and 2 blade attachments with the machine. The winding of its motor is copper, it will give good service for a long time.

There are 10 attachment pieces with the machine, how useful is it? You will get to know after buying. The free e-recipe book available with it is useful. The company is giving 1 year warranty on the mixi. This is best mixer grinder with juicer.

10 attachmentOnly 1 year warranty
High quality motorLimited service center
E recipe book with mixy

5. Prestige Tez Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

Prestige is a well-known name in the Indian market. mixer grinder best brands is prestige. This mixer is of 550 watts. The company is providing 3 steel jars along with the machine. Through them you can do all the grinding, mixing work. The finish of the mixi is superb. The control given on the fence works smooth. Its jars are 1.5 liters, 1.2 liters and 400 ml.

This capacity is very useful for wet and dry grinding. But due to the low power of the machine, you cannot crush hard solids. The 2-year warranty on this makes it a reliable purchase. You are reading an article Best mixer grinder in india.

Well knowb brandNot for hard sold grinding
High quality jarRPM not given
Excellent blad attchmnt

6. Orient Electric Kitchen Kraft MGKK50B3 Mixer Grinder with 3 Jars

This mixer of company Orient is of 500 watts. The company is providing 3 jars with mixi. It is a must that the mixi should be more than 700 watts for all the domestic works. All three jars are made of stainless steel. So that it will serve longer.

This machine generates very little noise. Therefore it can be used anywhere. Its motor winding is copper and blended nickel. Overload protection switch is provided with 3 speed control knob. The company is offering a complete warranty of 2 years. This is another plus point of this.

Famous productOnly 500 wattss power
Low noice labelAvrage look
Large service network

7. Maharaja Whiteline Joy Elite 4 Jar Mixer

The Maharaja has been a major player in the Indian market. Maharaja is best indian mixer grinder. But currently many new companies have done it behind. Its mixer is 750 watts, with four jars available. All jars are stainless steel. Its blends are also of very high quality. Its big jar is 1.5 liters. Two jars are given with a special handle. Which gives additional convenience when using Mixi.

The design of the body is very attractive, the operating button is also given good. The company is giving 2 years warranty on the entire product and 5 years on the motor. This is its other special attraction. You are reading an article Best mixer grinder in india.

Famous indian brandHeavy body
4 Steel jarLess servicing point
Attractive desine

Buying Tips (Buyer’s Guide)

Best mixer grinder in india for your family.

Brand of mixer grinder

Many brands of mixer grinders are prevalent in India. Among which Bajaj, Inalsa, Orient, Prestige, Maharaja, and Philips are famous. New brands Wonderchef, Lifelong, and Sujata have also made their markets in a short time. Apart from this, some local products are also available in the market. Whose quality cannot be trusted? Buy recognized brands whenever you go buy.

If you are taking a new brand, then also check its features and function, etc. High-quality mixing will definitely be expensive but it will work without any interruption for years. You are reading an article on the Best mixer grinder in India.

Mixer model

Mixi models are not very important. Instead, you should pay attention to other features and functions. Do not think about the model even if you are getting a mixer of a good brand. You must see the utility of that machine for your needs and family. Like a mixer grinder, a Semi-automatic washing machine is popular in middle-class families.

Jar capacity

As stated before. The jar is the main part of a mixer. It must be made of strong, high-quality material. Your mixer may have two or at most four jars. One or two of these will be plastic. Although this is not necessary, steel jars will also do the job of mixing well. Special handling is provided in large jars, which makes it easy to use the mixer.

Jars ranging from 1.5 liters to 400 milliliters are available with today’s mixers. You can choose the mixer according to your need. Be sure to consider the jar available in it. If there are three jars with a mixier, this will be good for you. Even then one of these jars may be plastic.

Bland and other attachments

Jars of each mixer are fitted with blades. But some companies are also giving three or four blades with two jars. This is to make the jar multipurpose. With which you will be able to do many tasks from the jar. See to it that the blades are made of high quality steel, they are strong and sharp as well. In addition, sometimes juicer attachments and other attachments are given with the mixer. It depends on the company and brand.

Only the jar and its blades are important to you. You are reading article on Best mixer grinder in india.

Function and operation

When purchasing a new mixier, you must pay attention to its function. Otherwise, no matter how expensive equipment you buy, you will not be able to work. Mixi has at least 3 and it is better to have 4 functions. You can use it continuously from 3 minutes to 8 minutes. It must be there. Overload protection must also have buttons. This prevents the mixier from getting spoiled.

If the machine has an identifier, it indicates that it is ready for work. The card and plug should be of good quality, use it according to the description given in the manual.

Mixier power and rpm

There are many power mixes available in the market. You will get it from 300 watts to 1100 watts. Mixing of 500 to 750 watts will be sufficient for home use. If you want to do heavy work then buy a 750-watt mixie. Mixi 1000 watts can also be purchased. But with that, all the works of the capacity of 750 will be done.

So it would be better if you choose 750 watts. If not, buy at least a 500-watt mixie. Do not buy a mixture of fewer than 300 watts under any circumstances, it will be a waste of your precious money. You are reading an article on the Best mixer grinder in India.

Electrical expenditure

It is a must that the mixy has a higher wattage. But you will use it for a maximum of 15 to 30 minutes at a time. In this situation, even if you have a mixie of 750 or 1000 watts, there will not be much load on your electricity expenditure. Use of mixier daily for 30 minutes daily will increase your electricity bill by a maximum of 200 rupees. This is the maximum utilization capacity.

In most homes, the daily use of mixier is 10 to 15 minutes. This simply means that your bill will increase by more than 100 rupees. This cost is much less than the facility of Mixi.

Daily care

Its daily care is very easy. You have to clean the jar after using it by washing it with lukewarm water. If the material remains stick in the blade, remove it and clean it. After that wipe the whole mixier with a dry cotton cloth and clean it.

Benefits of buying from the website

In other words, there are many benefits of buying a reputed website online. You will get all types of offers on the device. Warranty and other facilities will also be available. You will also get the benefit of cashback etc. available at that time. On the other hand, you can buy from multiple payment modes. Credit card, debit card, net banking, payment through the wallet is available. You can also choose Cash on Delivery.

The best thing is that you can return the equipment, or change it. You will not get this facility from your local vendor. Whenever buy online, read the review, read the answers to the questions regarding the equipment. You will get help in buying a good machine.

Our best pick

Keeping in mind the need of Indian families, we have selected the following three mixes from above. All of the above is good, will give you good service. But readers insist that we give them suggestions, under this advice are –

1. Buy the Bajaj GX8 750-watt Mixer Grinder if you are an Indian brand. Its value is 2790 rupees. Bajaj is the best mixer grinder in India 2021 with a price.

2. You can trust Philips 750-Watt Mixer Grinder with 4 Jars to get good service over the years. Its value is Rs 6664. These are the best mixer grinders in India.

Tips for use

  • Always choose a branded product.
  • What do you need to Understand beforehand?
  • Instead of the beauty of the device, pay attention to its compulsion, jars, blades, rotary buttons, etc.
  • When purchasing, it must be seen how much power and RPM it has.
  • This will give you good service for a long time. There must be at least two jars in the mixer, it would be better to buy a mixer with three jars.
  • Grinding should also be facilitated with a mixer, it is equally useful for wet and dry grinding.
  • Buy a mixie from a well-known website or good dealer.
  • Before buying, see if its spare parts will be found around you or not.
  • Make sure that the service center of the machine is in your city.
  • Make sure to keep in mind the mixer grinder price. Do not compromise with it.

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