What is ITI COPA Course? How to do it?


Hello friends, today we will inform you through this article, what is the ITI COPA course? And what should be the qualification to take admission in this course? All the important information related to the ITI COPA is going to be mentioned in this article. Read the article carefully to know full details. First of all, let us know the FULLFORM of COPA. The full-fledged performance of COPA is ‘Computer Operator and Programming Assistant’.

And the duration of this course is 1 year. This course comes under NCVT which means it comes under National Council Vocational Training which is an ITI Trade.

What is the ITI COPA course? Full information is given in this article.

After doing this course, you can apply for all those jobs. In which basic work related to computer and internet is done. Therefore, if you take the ITI COPA course, then you will get basic knowledge of computer and internet as well as programming language. And for this reason you get a lot of job options. This course is very innovative, and is a career oriented course, if you have done this course then your path will be open in many jobs.

In this course, you get some information related to Hardware Software. This course has been added to the ITI course due to the increasing demand of hardware and software. And all ITI institutes have this course.

What do you study in this course? Computer Hardware, Software, Computer Programing, Data Entry, Programming Language, Database Management, Microsoft Office, Internet read all about it in ITI COPA, these courses can be done by the government and private anywhere.

Let us know what should be the qualification to do this course, you must have passed 10th to do this course. And in class 10th, you must have science and mathematics.

Candidates must be at least 14 years old to do this course, and even those who are up to 40 years of age can do this course.

Entrance exam is required to do this course. This one-year course is completed in 2 years, it is a regular course, and its syllabus is recognized by the Government of India.

Now let us tell you in detail, what you will learn in ITI COPA:

  1. Learning Fundamentals of Computer
  2. Computer Hardware Basics & Software Installation
  3. Providing Hand On – experience On PC/ Micro Computer 
  4. To Attain The Data Entry Speed
  5. Learning JavaScript &VBA 
  6. Database Management
  7. Learning Various Package Supported By PC Such As office Automation Packages
  8. Ms -Office: Word, Excel, Power Point Etc. 
  9. Networking Concepts
  10. Internet Concepts
  11. Web Design Concept
  12. Smart Accounting
  13. Developing Soft – Skill Viz Work Culture, Housekeeping Communication skill etc. 
  14. E-commerce
  15.  Cyber Security 

If you do this course then after that you can work as an apprentice in any big company or organization that you can work in Tata Motors, GAIL, HPCL, IOCL and Railways.

And here you will get to learn a lot by doing particle work. At the same time, you will also be given Stefan from 5 to 10000.

Now let us know some good institutes to do ITI COPA:

  1. Government Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Chandigarh 
  2. Bicholim Government Industrial Training Institute Goa
  3. Industrial Training Institute (ITI) Goal para Assam
  4. Government Industrial Training Institute Visakhapatnam 
  5. Mohyal Educational Research Institute of Technology (MERIT) Delhi
  6. Mata kitab kaur Industrial Training Center Hanumangarh 
  7. Kautilya Private Industrial Training Institute Panchkula 
  8. Raj CSE Industrial Training Center Kanpur 
  9. Rao Private Industrial Training Center Alwar 
  10. Shri Bhawani Niketan Private Industrial Training Institute Jaipur

What is the ITI COPA fee?

If you do this course from the Government Institute, then the fee for this course can be 6000 rupees. And on the other hand these fees range from 15000 to 50000 in private institute.

If you want, you can also do Diploma in Computer Programming (DCP) or PGDHP – Post Graduate Diploma in Computer Programing. After doing this course, you can also do higher studies, in which you study all these – Tally, Excel, JAVA PHP MYSQL In this you have the option of choosing the course BCA, B.tech, Polytechnic Diploma.

After doing this course, you have a lot of job openings such as: Government Block office, welfare office, Data Entry Center, Small Scale Accounting Firms, Police Department, College band University etc.

By doing ITI COPA, you get these job options

  1. Assistant Programmer
  2. Internet Operator
  3. Computer Operator 
  4. Inbound Call Operator
  5. Control Operator
  6. Data Entry / Capture Operator
  7. Contact Center Assistant 
  8. Customer Service Operative
  9. Trainee Service Desk Operator
  10. DTP Operator 
  11. Operation Analyst
  12. Workshop Assistant 

And if you want to do self employment then after doing these Cours you can open Computer Institute or Cyber Caffe or DTP Center.

If you have completed ITI COPA course then how much salary can you get? By the way, if you are a friar, then your salary can be 10 thousand months. And if you have enough knowlage of this field and then you have experience, then this salary can also be at 20000 rupees a month.

What is ITI COPA Course? What is the Eligibility of ITI COPA Course? What is the ITI COPA course fee? What is the Course Duration of ITI COPA Course? What is the Admission process for ITI COPA course? What is the job scope of ITI COPA course? What is the ITI COPA Course Salary? What is the Age Limit for doing ITI COPA course?

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions:

What is ITI COPA Course?

First of all, know what COPA is, full form of COPA: Computer Operator & Programing Assistant must have come to know from the name of this course that this course is a computer related course, if about Computer Hardware, Software, Internet, Programming Language etc. If you want to go, then you can do this course.

In this course you will be given basic knowledge of computer hardware and software. In which you will be given knowledge about installing software, repairing computer, programming, and much more is taught in this course.

What is the Eligibility of ITI COPA Course?

If you talk about the eligibility of COPA, then you must pass 10th to take admission in this course, in which you should have 45% to 50%.

What is the Course Duration of ITI COPA Course?

Duration of doing this course takes 1 year. Which consists of 2 Semesters.

What is the Age Limit for doing ITI COPA course?

For taking ITI COPA course, your age must be minimum 14 years and maximum 40 years. Meaning that you can take admission in this course till the age of 40 years.

What is the ITI COPA course fee?

ITI COPA course fees are different, you will have to get Rs 5000 for taking admission in government college in private and government college and for the same private college, you will get fees from 15000 to 50000 rupees.

What is the Admission process for ITI COPA course?

If you want to do COPA? And if you want to take admission in the government college, then you have to bring good percentage in 10th class only then you can take admission in the government college.

What is the job scope of ITI COPA course?

If you do this course then how much opportunity do you have for doing the job. And what type of job can you get, and how much will your salary be, if you do this course then you get the job of a computer operator. In which you can work computer operator in school, college, lab, office, or any company.

After doing the ITI COPA course, where did you get the job?

After doing ITI COPA, you can either apply for the post of Assistant Programmer, Lab Assistant, job on the post of Hardware and Networking Job, Computer Trainer, Network Administration, and Data Base Management etc.

What is the ITI COPA Course Salary?

If you take ITI COPA course then you can do job related to computer or computer operator, and in this you get 10 thousand salary as a fresher. And after this, salary increases according to your experience and skills.

Can we do our own bussiness after taking the ITI COPA course?

Yes, after doing ITI COPA course you can open your own business such as Cyber Cafe, Photography Photo Editing, as well as start computer sales and repair work.

Conclusion : 

Hope you have liked this article, what is ITI COPA course? And what is the ability to do this course? We have tried to give all the information about ITI COPA in this article, and if you want more information related to this article, then write us in the comments. By the way, if you do ITI COPA course after 10th, then it is our suggestion that after this course you should do advanced course as well as higher education is also very important, so also take care of it.


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